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The Agenzia Immobiliare Centro Italia has been a synonym of flexibility and professionalism in the housing market for nearly thirty years.  Specialists in our field, we are fully aware of the need to have a professional figure with specific capabilities, someone who is fully up-to-date with the considerable changes that have taken place in the market over the last few years.  Our business has grown and strengthened over time thanks to the faith placed in us by our customers.  Our brand boasts both a longstanding presence in the market as well as a clear ability to move with the times, our values combine tradition, professionalism and trustworthiness with modernity, innovation and dynamism. 

Putting your trust in AICI means choosing a professional approach, someone who has experience in the field and a far reaching presence in the market, AICI has always been an important point of contact in the housing market.

AICI are able to offer a complete and qualified approach that runs side by side with the market’s constant evolution.

The role of a an AICI agent is that of walking you through every step of the process until the deal is signed, following the company’s strict ethics all the way.  Putting your faith in an AICI consultant means you are signing up to a well-tested way of working that is based on the following stages:





Evaluate and ascertain the best possible price.  Knowing the market value of your property is the first key step towards confronting a sale or a purchase.  Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the local and national market place and a constant analysis of deals signed both by ourselves and by the competition, the AICI consultant is able to offer a real and viable evaluation of the property value in line with the market. 

Procure all relevant documentation in order to:

  • carefully evaluate the property: evaluation of the property as an asset, identify the value of the property, verify the land registry requirements, the legal and financial implications, if there are any outstanding positive or negative easements, what the condominial costs are, ensure there is a valid energy certificate in place and all relevant information that would facilitate the potential buyer.
  • the exchange: ensure the presence of a notary and ensure all house documents are in place (land registry, floor plan, condominial documents etc.)




Promote the property without any additional costs, identifying the key target customers, via:

  • integrated agency network that dramatically increases the possibility of a sale/purchase through a comparative approach of customers and a sharing of information between our various agencies
  • traditional methods: magazines, local newspapers, billboards, flyers, posters, MLS etc.
  • internet channels: institutional website and key housing market portals which guarantee maximum visibility




Select a buyer either from the list of registered customers with the agency or through external requests, and manage all areas of the contract through until the signing of the Purchase Proposal (Proposta d’Acquisto).

Carry out an initial survey and manage all of the viewings.  Propose the property in an objective and professional manner, highlighting all aspects in a positive and beneficial way, even the most peculiar aspects of the property.

Formulate the Proposta d’Acquisto with the relevant deposit amount, ensuring complete conformance with the Italian Camera di Commercio.

Assist and coordinate all parties through until the final signing of the property.




Report and update on a regular basis with regards to the development of the sale or purchase and constantly verify that all relevant actions are being carried out as required.

The cliente will receive regular and up-to-date reports about the sale of the property: number of viewings, observations, reactions, level of interest shown, statistics and any suggestions that may help towards the sale.

AICI Immobiliare listens carefully to your needs in order to best help you, leading you every step of the way to make sure you can achieve your dreams. We offer our experience and our expertise, our knowledge of the area and together we will find the best possible solution for you. 


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